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Christa Carmen

Christa Carmen

Christa Carmen lives in Westerly, Rhode Island with her fiancé and a beagle who rivals her in stubbornness. Her short stories have appeared in Devolution Z Horror Magazine, Jitter Press, Corner Bar Magazine, Literally Stories, Fiction on the Web, The J.J. Outré Review, pennyshorts, the DreamFusion Press anthology, The Book of the Macabre, and WolfSinger Publications’ Just Desserts.

She has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania in English and psychology, and a master’s degree from Boston College in counseling psychology. Christa works for Pfizer in Clinical Trial Packaging, and at a local hospital as a mental health clinician.


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  • 1819

    Four Souls of Eve by Christa Carmen


    Four Souls of Eve by Christa Carmen

    On All Hallows’ Eve, the door between the physical and spiritual worlds dissolves, and the past quite literally returns to haunt Eve. Before this Halloween is over, she’ll wish that door had stayed shut, and the ghosts of boyfriends past had stayed dead and buried.



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