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Restless anthology – cover art reveal!

Restless anthology – cover art reveal!

We’re excited to reveal the cover art for our upcoming anthology, Restless: a compendium of dark, creepy tales that span from classic horror and ghost stories to more experimental – yet still unsettling – fare.

Restless: an anthology

Restless will be released in ebook and print formats soon, and you’ll also be able to buy each of the ten stories featured in standalone ebook format. To see some sneak peeks of what Restless has in store, you can check out the listings for each title and author involved in this exciting project (more updates coming soon!):

The Language of the World by Raven McAllister
Jack Box by Aryan Bollinger
Uncle Eddie by Robert Crow
Sugar by Gordon Grice
Mophead by Simon Lee-Price
Princess Petrify (Queen of Dead Things) by Michael Leonberger
The Reveal by Joshua Rex
Lost Things by Michael “Bats” Weiss
Going Nowhere by Kevin Wetmore
Grudge Match by Andrew Wilmot

In The Language of the World, a young woman returns home to see her ailing father… and to discover the truth behind the ghostly voices he claims to hear, while Jack Box delves into the complex relationships and unfinished business one man holds onto from beyond the grave. In Uncle Eddie, dark secrets in one girl’s family present both terrible turmoil and salvation, and Sugar tells the tale of a man confronted with an impossible threat to his loved ones. Mophead is the unsettling story of a man left alone with a monster while, in Princess Petrify (Queen of Dead Things), the monsters are those that come from a young girl’s mind. The Reveal shows just how heavily the past can hang on an unquiet mind although, in Lost Things, it’s the world around one woman that is fighting to drive her crazy. Going Nowhere sees a young man struggling to shake off the stultifying grip of his small town – whatever the cost – and, in Grudge Match, a woman grieving the loss of a life she loved begins to embrace a darker path toward her future.

We’ll be releasing more information on Restless and the stories that make up the anthology soon, so check back for details, or find us on Facebook and Twitter for more news.

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