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Site updates & “Restless” news!

Site updates & “Restless” news!

Regular readers will have noticed our shiny new site update. Features rolling out this month include author pages – so you can keep up with your favourite writers – wishlists, and a new sharing feature, allowing you to link your friends directly to that newest story you’ve discovered, via email or social media, right from our catalog. Responsiveness for mobile devices has also been improved.

There’s more exciting news, too! We have a host of new authors – and new stories – to welcome, and we’re beyond thrilled about the new releases coming out in late 2016 and early 2017. This year may have been full of sadness and negativity for many, but we’re looking forward to a better year in 2017, and working hard to bring our readers a whole new stack of great stories.

On that note, we’re also delighted to unveil the final cut of our upcoming anthology, Restless, submissions for which attracted incredible attention this year. We’d like to thank the hundreds of authors who submitted stories… it was no wonder the selection process ran later than expected!

However, after months of decisions, it gives us tremendous pleasure to announce the authors and stories featuring in the final anthology:

Raven McAllister – The Language of the World
Aryan Bollinger – Jack Box
Robert Crow – Uncle Eddie
Gordon Grice – Sugar
Simon Lee-Price – Mophead
Michael Leonberger – Princess Petrify (Queen of Dead Things)
Joshua Rex – The Reveal
Michael “Bats” Weiss – Lost Things
Kevin Wetmore – Going Nowhere
Andrew Wilmot – Grudge Match

Restless will be available in ebook and paperback editions, and you’ll also be able to purchase each of the stories included separately, in standalone ebook format.

We’ll be revealing the anthology’s cover art soon, so check back for more details!

We also have another creepy anthology in the works, to be released in print and ebook formats, entitled All Hallows. Featuring authors including Christa Carmen, Christopher W. Clark, Theresa Braun, and Stacy Fileccia, All Hallows offers a range of unsettling ghostly tales. Again, the individual stories will also be available separately in standalone ebook editions, beginning with Christa Carmen’s Four Souls of Eve, which is out now.

Our submissions remain open, and we’re very eager to push into 2017 with a platform for new and established authors alike. Here at Frith Books, we believe in being the change you want to see, so – if you’re as excited as we are about indie fiction, new voices, and new stories that you want to read – we’d love to hear from you. We encourage submissions from authors of all backgrounds, as long as your submission adheres to our submissions guidelines.

For readers, remember that our titles are available direct from us, and also via Amazon, Kobo, nook, Smashwords, or your favourite ebook retailer, and that you can take 15% off your order when buying direct from us, with coupon code LTH201611.

Until next time, happy reading!

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  • November 12, 2016 at 4:07 pm Shawn D. Brink

    RESTLESS sure sounds interesting. Will certainly consider it once it is available for reading!!!

    • November 12, 2016 at 7:21 pm admin

      It’s certainly an eclectic – and decidedly creepy – bunch of tales! We’ve been extremely lucky to receive so many wonderful submissions, and we’ve got an incredible number of great stories coming out over the next few months. 😉

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