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Submissions are currently closed

Our general submissions are currently closed due to backlogs resulting from staff illness. We hope to be able to reopen them soon. In the meantime, please see guidelines below. You may also be interested in these specific submissions calls:

Night Shades

Night Shades is an ongoing series of very short stories and flash fiction, in the region of 1000-3000 words, to be released as ebooks with each “issue” featuring three to five stories. On a semi-annual basis, these ebooks will be compiled in print anthologies. There’s room for a lot of variety here, but the overall theme is dark, creepy tales, ideally with memorable imagery, narrative, and strong character voices.

We are currently accepting submissions for future Night Shades releases. All forms of genre, cross-genre, and speculative fiction are welcome, but please make sure your story fits the wordage guide, and preferably put [Night Shades] in the subject line of your email.

General Submissions Guidelines

Frith Books accepts submissions from new, aspiring, and published authors, and agents.

We publish short fiction (defined as stand-alone stories of approximately 4,000-15,000 words, published singly as ebooks, and also in print as part of anthologies or collections), novellas and novels (published in both print and ebook formats; we define ‘novella’ as roughly 15,000 to 25,000 words, and novels as 30,000 words and up, but we acknowledge this can be a grey area!), and occasional poetry collections.

We’re looking for: strong writing, compelling stories and rich narratives, excellent characterisation and characters that feel real, relatable, and interesting.

We accept: general fiction, speculative fiction, science fiction and/or fantasy, mystery/suspense, horror, crime/thrillers, magic realism, cyberpunk, steampunk, and cross-genre fiction. We are an LGBTQ+ friendly publisher, and we are also very happy to accept works featuring non-binary characters.

We do NOT accept: academic work, non-fiction or “how-to” books, children’s books, works featuring torture porn, hate speech or defamatory content, most splatterpunk, graphic sexual violence (including rape as titillation or one-dimensional “tragic backstory”), fan fiction or fan fiction “with the numbers filed off” – original stories and characters only, please! – previously published work (unless by existing Frith Books authors), or erotica/sensual romance.

How to submit: If you have any questions about the submissions procedure, or would like to discuss your work before submitting, please send a query email. Submissions should be sent as attachments, in .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .odt format please, and your covering email should include your name, pen name (if using), and a brief blurb or synopsis of the work. All submissions may be directed to submissions@frithbooks.com

Make sure your manuscript is set to 1.5 or double line spacing, in a 12pt serif font such as Times New Roman, with no unnecessary formatting beyond italics. You may include a header with Your Story Title / Your Name and a page number, and a frontispiece listing the work’s title, your name (or pen name if using) and contact information. Please send the entire manuscript. We cannot fully evaluate your work on a partial. We also strongly prefer not to receive simultaneous submissions; if your work is under consideration anywhere else at the time you send it to us, please let us know in your cover email.

Once we have received your submission, we will acknowledge receipt and respond as quickly as possible. We know waiting for a decision isn’t easy, but we also know you want to find the best possible home for your work, and to have it given full and appropriate consideration. We do our best to get back to most authors within 3-4 weeks.

If we accept your submission, you will be offered a contract. Our standard royalty rates are 35% of cover price for authors (for ebooks; 25% for print). Frith Books does not currently pay advances.

Good luck, and thank you for considering Frith Books!



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